Photo by Richard Fusillo

Photo by Richard Fusillo

About Ben

Growing up on the Central Coast of California, Ben Zucker started making art when he started playing drums as a kid. Not only going to concerts, but playing them really made him appreciate someone that could capture a moment and how much it can mean to other people.

 After messing around with smaller digital cameras, he got his first DSLR when he was 17. Taking photos still wasn’t even close to a serious thing at that point but he knew where to start, the local music scene. Seeing has he was still playing concerts, he could just take photos of the other bands when he was done playing. He loved shooting concerts but really didn’t want to limit himself to a single style. So he took advantage of the area he grew up in and started trying out landscapes, night photography, or anything he felt interested in. 

After years of practical application with the help of some of the best photographers and artists that the Central Coast has to offer, he has still found passion for both shooting landscapes along the coast and touring across the country with bands. One of his main goals is to inspire people as much as other photographers have inspired him.


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