Warped Film Photos 2015

I took a film camera on warped with two or three rolls of Kodak Portra 400. I loved how the colors came out and I've been really excited to post these for a while now. As I was saying in my previous blog, I made friends with a bunch of merch people. These people were all rad and really made the experience dope. Also, it has been almost a year so I'm sorry if I forgot anyones name. 

Warped Film 2015-8.jpg

Warped Tour 2015

Warped was an absolutely indescribable experience, but I'll try. It was interesting because I went with the mindset of a photographer but I was doing merch for the Night Riots guys so I met a lot of cool photographers but also a ton of cool merch people.  You seem mostly the same people every day because you try to set up near your bands stage. Since you are all in this crazy situation with everyone, you make friends pretty fast. I have a lot of Night Riots photos from Warped, but also other bands I got to see.